our master bedroom in process

I was just telling my sister that it feels like we are always in process when it comes to our house.
I’m not a patient person…but I’m really trying my best to be when it comes to “finishing” our home.

So for the last month (or more it feels), I’ve been putting all my focus on our master bedroom, trying to make little changes here and there….hoping to reach my goal of completing it all by the end of March.  
It’s a bit complicated though because since we have such a small home (1200 sq ft), we had to combine our room with our “office.”
It’s a tricky task keeping the bedroom calm, serene, and relaxed when you have a desk o’bills in there as well…
But calm and serene it will be…in my own way at least.

And because time is a tickin’, it’s time to put my ideas into action!
Last weekend we began with the night stands, which was just a tad difficult being that I was only a week out of surgery.  
But, I’m a determined girl with goals, and a missing gallbladder wasn’t about to stop me.
We started with these $29 Rast Dressers:
And then with some rollers and paint, I turned them into these:
It’s all still in process though…as I’m waiting for these ring pulls to be delivered:
And I’m still not sure on those lamps.
They were an impulse buy, but they’re not exactly what I envisioned, as I was hoping to find something a little funkier and quite possibly a tad taller.
But maybe they’re fine.
Or maybe I’ll just leave the tags on and in the meantime keep (patiently) looking at my thrift stores and on craigslist.
But those trays?
Especially because they looked like this originally:
{easter trays from the dollar ($2.50) section at Target…candle holders, thrifted}
Two coats of primer and two coats of glossy white, and wa la…brand new trays.
I will say, I should have sanded them first….but ya, guess who was impatient?
Kind of noticing a theme here…
{I may need to go back and get more in case I feel the need to do it properly one day.}
And now here’s what’s left on my to do list:
~hang mirrors or art above the night stands

~BUY art or mirrors for above the night stands. =)

~ paint the room (next weekend) Trout Gray by Benjamin Moore
Picture 2

~paint the writing desk using the same white as the night tables:
{it’s way more cream then this picture shows}

~arrange shelves above desk for storage

~paint end table the foot of the bed

~save up for this amazing duvet:

~find, buy, and hang curtains…we’ve been sleeping with bare windows for months now so it will be most definitely be a strange day when we finally shield the morning sun
…okay this list is getting long….
and I know there’s more that will pop up here and there as well.
Good thing there are still two more weeks of March…

Like I said, always in process.

{if you wanna see my inspiration pictures, check out my bookmarks blog}

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. That Duvet is amazing. I’m always in favor of white or cream duvets, it makes me feel cozy and comfy. Totally a mental thing.

  2. I’m absolutely loving your bedding. I so wish I could get away with white. The hubs is murder on white…even more so than le toddler. HAHA

  3. Love, love that duvet!

  4. I’m obsessed with that duvet! And I have a desk just like yours :) I got it when I was in high school from an antique store for super cheap and it’s always been a staple in my home decor! Love it!