if you could choose my curtains

****edited to add****
I had chosen #2, and then it was gone!!!
Here is the latest fabric that I picked…


You like?


So, as I mentioned my sweet bestie Mari is on the hunt for the fabric to make our bedroom curtains…and I think we may have it narrowed down to four.

Let me just state my complete INABILITY to make a decision when given lots of amazing options, which is why I am putting it out there for you guys to help me decide!!!
Okay, so I love the idea of introducing some gold to the room, but I hesitate to do so with curtains since they are such a LARGE purchase and I will be forced to live with them for a LONG time.
That said, maybe I need to take risks and move outside the black and white?
Or maybe I should bring the gold in with accents and throw pillows and stick to the basics when it comes to something as big as curtains….
You tell me.
Here’s the room:
{pintuck bedding from west elm on it’s way}
{touches of pink will be eliminated, and desk still to be painted}
{picture of both windows that will be covered}
And here are the fabric swatches:
Now tell me your thoughts, comments, concerns….
{I realize you all are a bit shy with the comments, but PLEASE, I beg of you to start leaving them.  Cause, you know, I’m just starting to feel a little naked and alone over here.  I mean, I see the stats, I know you’re here.  I SEE you!!!  =)  And now that you’ve already taken the next step in this relationship of ours by reading and following…now dare I ask that you go even further and comment???  Oh ma gosh. I feel like I just asked you to marry me….so vulnerable…hold me.}
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  1. I like #3!!! I love the gold color with just a touch of navy in the outline.

    I think it gives you a little more to play around with color in the room too. =)

  2. I say go for it and #2 is it! I do like #3, but it may be a bit too much gold, so #2 would be perfect balance of gold with a softening of white….just enough gold to add some life to the neutral tones in the room. I think adding the color with the curtains is needed, otherwise the black/white curtains could dull the room.

    I had to buy 3 or 4 different curtains for our front living room before finding ‘the one’. Do you have the fabric samples? If so, can you drape them by the windows to get a feel for how they would look in the room??

    Can’t wait to see what you end up with! Remember, this is fun! 😉

  3. I vote for #2, pop of yellow yet not overpowering. More neutral to work with when you change your mind. Add colorful throw pillows with yellow and incorporate some purple – goes great with color pallette.

  4. I vote for choice 2. I think it gives you the most versatility (in case you want to paint the walls again 😉 and gives you the gold without TOO much gold. Good luck!

  5. I like 2 and 4. Not much help, I know, since one is gold and the other is black, but those 2 are my favorites. I’m sure whatever you choose will look beautiful! Can’t wait to see it.

  6. I vote 3. The room needs some color and the gold curtains is the perfect way to do it!

  7. i like 3 or 4! :)
    your room is looking so so good!!

  8. #3!! I love #3! The pop of yellow would be awesome. P.S.- I have that fabric, but in gray on my accent pillows for my couch.

  9. I like the pattern of #4 but I think the room needs a pop of color so I vote #2! It’s nice, not too much and you still get the pop of color!!

  10. #2 for sure. The pop of yellow and brightness would be great. The other’s just seem a little dark to me (with the already dark paint on the walls). Can’t wait to see it once the room is completed.

  11. Love #2. It will make the room feel brighter with a light color on the window and not make the room feel to dark.

  12. #1~!!

    I’m hosting a linkup tomorrow for Fashion Fridays. The new button is on my sidebar. I hope you’ll join us and link up! Have a great day honey! Kori xoxo


  13. I vote 3 and 4. I think 1 has too much navy blue in it and won’t pop from the wall enough. And then 2 doesn’t have any dark to tie it into the room. I think 3 and 4 will stick out from the walls but still go with the overall look of the room.

  14. Yay!!! You guys are KILLING it with the comments and advice!!!

    As for #3, it’s just the middle panel…not the ones on either side. And I think it’s black outlining…right?

  15. #3!!

  16. I agree it needs the pop of color. #3 gets my vote.

  17. I like #3!!!

  18. #2, hands down! It’s gorgeous and very classic =)

    #1 is too geometric; it clashes with the curves of the bed and your various accessories.

    #3 is okay, but not very cozy really. It’s a cold and slightly busy design.

    #4 would be pretty in small quantities, but is MUCH too busy for draperies. Your eyes might go a little crazy?

  19. I would go with #2! A touch of yellow will be perfect.

  20. I think #2 is winning….

    But then I just found this one:

    Oh dear me….

    Might I also say that this is the best day ever with you guys actually commenting???? LOVE IT!

  21. So get this you guys!!! #2 isn’t available anymore.

    What about the link before or this one?


  22. I vote 1 or 4. I like the idea of using gold in throw pillows and accents throughout the room. But, I’m also a total sucker for black and white stuff, for what it’s worth. Whatever you end up choosing, I know it will look awesome!

  23. I love that one and this one:

    vicariously decorating through you, so much fun!

  24. Not even a contest–Number 3 wins it, Hands down! The golden circles are perfect for that space! xox!

  25. I think that worked out in your favor. I like the newest addition better than #2 :) Can’t wait to see how they turn out. Also, LOVE the comforter you picked out!!

  26. I think Number 3 – because, you have these great pops of white, accented in black all around the room and numero 3 has that same detail with a great splash of yellow. Regardless, love your updates and style!

  27. The newest addition is great! It’s similar to #2, but more updated. I’m sure it will great in your space, and I can’t wait to see the results!

  28. three!

  29. I say take a risk and do curtains with gold in them! My vote would be for #2. Then I’d use #1, 3 and even 4 for throw pillows. :)

  30. Excited to see the finished product.