it. is. finished! days 29 & 30

It’s Day 30.
And I’m faced with perplexity.
You see, I’m sick.
Achy body, sore throat, sneezing, stuffy head, fever, I was in bed asleep at 8 pm last night, sick.

I blame the kids. 
{i usually do.} 
You know, the ones who have been calling me “bobby” rather than “mommy” for the last two weeks because they themselves have been sick.

I did everything I could.
I took all my vitamins and supplements, got extra sleep and rest…
ate the way Adama & Eve must’ve eaten….
and yet, here I am.
On the last day, sick.

I found myself tortured at 4 am this morning trying to decide what I was going to do.
Finish the day?  
Push myself to do a workout that my body is telling me isn’t in the works…just so I can say I did it?
Do I not finish the day, but say I did, so as not to let anyone down?
Or do I take all the lessons I’ve spent the last 30 days learning about myself and my body and apply them once and for all?

I started these 30 days to complete them.
I started these 30 days for results.
But in 30 days I have begun to understand my body in ways I never did before, 
and today my body is telling me to rest.

And it’s just not in me to be anything but honest here, 
because I’m NOT perfect, 
{lest anyone thought i was, lol!}
and sometimes life throws a curve ball.
This is my real life.
And on the 30th day, real life happened.

Now, I’m the FURTHEST thing from God and all, 
but even HE rested on the 7th day.
Today is my 7th day, and I am resting.

I will not sacrifice the results I’ve accomplished, both physically & mentally, just to say I completed 30 days.
THAT’S how much I’ve grown.

Besides, in my heart, I HAVE completed The 30 Day Method, and not only did I follow every single mother freaking rule she laid out for me, I also followed every single rule I laid out for myself!

I tried EVERY SINGLE recipe, even if I thought I’d hate it.
{except for lamb…poor little lamb}
I took my supplements and vitamins EVERY SINGLE MORNING.
I worked out every single day, 
and I did not eat ONE SINGLE THING that wasn’t on the approved 30 Day Method Menu.
I didn’t even take A SIP of soda, diet or otherwise….
and I even managed to blog about IT ALL.

I started these 30 days not fully confident I would be able to accomplish all that Tracy had set up for me.

I had all the excuses…
two kids, the inability to cook, finances, picky tastes….
and yet I was STILL able to MAKE IT WORK.
{snap, snap, snap.}

And as each day passed, my confidence (as well as my cooking AND time management skills) grew and I began to see myself differently than I ever had.  
It was SO much more than physical…way beyond numbers and measurements.

I began to know myself….and understand myself, and I learned….

I learned self control.  
I learned that I was stronger, mentally AND physically, than I ever believed.
I overcame cravings and weaknesses that I was convinced were a part of me, things that would just never change.
I realized that I liked fish.
I also realized that I most definitely DO NOT like beets.
But, I learned always to try.
To give things a shot that seem impossible, because if I don’t try, how will I ever know what I am capable of?

I know now that if you want good things for yourself, it takes hard work.
I know now that it’s about the process, and that I have to EMBRACE and TRUST the process, taking it day by day….
sometimes moment by moment.
And I know that I could never have done it alone…
because we are meant for support, 
and if it weren’t for the support on my blog, along with my husband and best friends…
I would have totally been that girl with a pizza on her lap come Day 5.

Most of all, I have a sense of balance I’ve never before possessed.
And a sense of trust….
In myself.

And the icing on the cake…
{not to bring up cake or anything}
is that I went from a tight size 8 to a comfortable size 2/4 (depending on the pants) in just 30 days!
{i’m 5’6, and no idea on weight since it’s been over 3 months since i’ve stepped on a scale!}

{to see all the result pictures, join my 30 Day Method Facebook page}

If I can say just ONE thing to you guys….

It’s that the impossible IS possible.
You just have to DIG DEEP and find some determination within yourself.
Surround yourself with support and accountability
and pray.
A lot.
I tend to be the prayin’ kind, and I totally must give credit where credit is due…
and all the strength I have, completely came from Him.

Okay, that was more than one thing, but nevertheless…all important things.

30 days doesn’t end today.
Today, I’m resting, yes…
But I’ve learned a new way of health, and I’m excited to pick up and perfect all that I’ve been taught.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking this journey with me.
Your love, support, comments, and emails have brought me to tears, filling me with incredible determination and strength…
and love.
For a BUNCH of women I have yet, but hope to meet.

You have been Mah-jah.
And I mean that in a total Rachel Zoe kind of way.

Cheers, (with water cause I’m sick), to Tracy and to her AMAZEBALLS 30 Day Method!

When I feel better, I’ll finish and post the Tips n Tricks for completing the 30 Day Method…
Have questions you want included?
Email away!!!

{p.s. day 29 update:  40 reps of everything, 40 minutes of cardio…and come Monday, if the sickness has faded, I’ll absolutely finish the 10th workout of Sequence 3 before moving on to the Perfect Design Series….which I’ll do until Metamorphosis arrives.}

{pssssss….to follow the ENTIRE 30 Day Journey, click here}

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. So awesome! Congrats on all the results you got from this. Truely inspiring. :)

  2. I’ve been saying this all along, but seriously I am so amazed by this! Seems like such a very intense program–food wise, exercise wise, time commitment wise, etc . . . but look at you! Not that you weren’t thin before you started, but losing two pants sizes in one month is amazing. Totally inspirational. And I’m sure you feel great about your body (despite being sick), which is certainly the best reward.

    I definitely want to try this. I think it might need to happen during the summer, cause I’m a high school teacher full time, and I teach one night a week at the prison and babysit three nights a week. Which means that often, I’m gone from 7:30 am until 10 pm, and I think I’d be setting myself up for failure if I tried to make this happen with my current schedule. But the month of July might be the perfect time.

    Thanks for sharing your journey–it’s been so much fun to hear about–and I just sent you a facebook friend request to see/hear more!

  3. I’m sooo impressed!! You look great!! I mean, you did before too, but seriously you do look super skinny and toned!

  4. Congrats! And beautiful post! You rocked it, guess you’ll be shopping for some new clothes soon!!!

  5. no way were you a size 8!! i just find that unbelievable!! but congrats to sticking to it, you look amazing & you totally deserve that day off!!!! love the new bod!!

  6. so sorry you are sick dear…:( praying for health

  7. I already thought you were a size 2– but I am so proud of you!! You have inspired me to look into doing it– although I hate beets too. That’s so awesome. I must go back and look all every post now.

  8. good for you girl! I’m sorry you’re sick but you did an amazing job and I’m happy for you that you not only completed it but completed in wholeheartedly and have made that accomplishment that I know was important to you. And if you ever show a picture of a size 2 jean again I may disown you. I draw the line. :)

  9. I have been following your Tracy BC journey and honestly, I am proud of you!! Imagine…a size 2!You are an inspiration and a motivator for me to try the METHOD. 30 days may seem long at first but time passes by no matter what, so 30 days in a life is a drop in the bucket. Personal accomplishment is empowering and so if you can do it, so can I!

    I have been doing Tracy for 9 months and have seen and felt the difference but cannot budge the mommy muffin tops and inner thigh jiggles. I have the BC book but have been hesitant to try because I would have to cook a seperate meal for my family.

    During the BC, did you do a majority of the cardio with the rebounder? My calf/achilles is bugging me and was interest in using the rebounder.

  10. That is awesome Summer!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! =)

  11. Great job!!!! You rock!

  12. OMG!! Awesome!! Honestly though, I don’t remember EVER wearing a size 2. I’m just happy to be in single digits though! :o) Great job!

  13. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! Do you have any suggestions on how I could follow Tracy’s book without a kitchen to cook in? We are remodelling our house and I don’t have a kitchen! Just a microwave……