i got the bug… days 27 & 28

This just can’t be happening.
I am not well.
And I’m not talking about in the head…
no, we’ll save that for another post.
So it started with Chloe snotting all over the world about a week ago, and I was praying that it would stay the heck away from my immune system.
But then Taylor started snotting as well, which was definitely NOT good, partly because that meant I was doomed but mostly because when he’s sick, he’s a MONSTER.
{my monster}
And then yesterday during my workout I started feeling weak and blah, and it had nothing to do with the fact that the plank move was absolute insanity.
This morning sealed the deal when I woke up stuffy and even after going to bed at 9:30 I was still tired.
What the?!?
Seriously, I have two days after today.
{and this is how i feel about that!}
How will I ever finish with a bang when my immune system wants to quit on me?
So not cool.
Ya know, I never had “flu type symptoms” so maybe that’s what this is?
I’m going to press on…after all, I’m still in the beginning stages…and I can beat this.
I will beat this.
{you’d think i was talking about cancer, geez}
I doubled up on my probiotics and vitamin c so the healing effects are just minutes away from kicking in, I can feel it.
Or am about to feel it.
So today, I’m carrying on with the plan…and the workout….and we’ll see where tomorrow takes me.
Yesterday, for the most part, went well.
I stayed on track with the cleanse and felt mostly satisfied all day.
I did 35 reps of the legs (these moves are KILLING my lower back!), 40 of abs and 10 minutes of arms.
Then I followed up with 35 minutes of trampoline dancing….but with the bug I’ve caught, that about took all I had.
Not to mention, my ankles and shins were never meant to dance for 30 days straight…so thank goodness rebounders exist!
My plan for today is to stick to the same reps as yesterday, and attempt to do 40 minutes of cardio dance on the ground.
We’ll see though…might need to drink a Guru Lite first.
or two.
The diet hasn’t been too hard, although, I’m a little bummed because with Taylor being the mood monster that he is, (we had a showdown at 7:30 this morning), I ate my emotions chocolate for the day before 11.
That’s never a good sign when you need chocolate before 12.
But, I will complete this.
I have to.
I haven’t come this far to let a cold knock me out.
There is always Monday for rest….even if that means someone has to BRING me my doughnut in bed.
See how I said DOUGHNUT and not DOUGHNUTS???
That’s a new me people, that’s a new me!
{ahem, honey are you reading this?!? ¬†just checkin’ to see if you got the doughnut in bed part…}
Speaking of doughnuts…
You know what’s crazy?
After working SO hard and seeing SUCH results, I am actually more determined than ever to stick to a healthy diet beyond the 30 days.
While I will definitely continue the everything in moderation rule, I don’t see myself going back to the “eat everything as though it was my last chance to eat” rule that I had over the holidays.
I know myself so much better now.
I know that I CAN say NO to my cravings and I won’t actually DIE!
I may feel like it, but so far, I’m still here.
On the other hand, certain foods DO make me happy, and I don’t believe in a life that doesn’t include happy foods.
So there will still be our family pizza night, and I will still enjoy a sweet treat every now and then.
I’ve learned balance….
and I’m pretty sure I can take that and be a big girl all on my own come Monday morning.
After the doughnut.
Wish me luck today…
¬© 2010 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. OH NO! Feel better my friend :)
    I have a little bit of a sore throat right now too and do NOT want to get sick. Lots of water – that always does the trick… right?!

    You’re almost there!!

  2. SO PROUD of you! I’ve been sickly this week too, which has definitely impeded my exercise plans. But just think–you only have two days left; that’s amazing! I cannot wait to see the final results!

  3. Sadly I think it may be the cleanse (not illness) I haven’t felt great either. Cube mate stayed home from work one morning this week with a migraine. It’s a killer! Hang in there!

  4. I seriously do not know how you are doing this. I am dying at this point and have not been near your level of committment. You are amazingly strong give yourself so many hugs and pates on the back and f-ya I did its you want!!

  5. go summer go!!! sorry you guys are feeling down… lots of hugs and kisses to my little man taylor! and sweet smooches to chloe! you are working so hard – such an insiration!!! xoxo

  6. Wow you are a determined girl! So impressive. Can’t wait to read more about your plan!

    Also, I am really, really in love with your blog design. Seriously- it’s perfectly feminine, simple and chic. LOVE it!! xo