gotta get "things" movin’! day 23

If you know me well, you know that I’m not at all embarrassed to talk about bodily functions…
so let’s just dive right into it, shall we?
Okay, so the first two weeks of these 30 days, let me tell you, there wasn’t enough toilet paper in the world…
I would give anything to use toilet paper like that again.
Oh. My. Word.
In fact, today, during cardio (if you can even call it that), I had to stop every ten minutes from the “tease.”  
The teasing rumbles.  
Excitedly I’d think, THIS IS IT!
And then, it wasn’t. 
And so I’d come back to cardio for another 10 minutes, then back to being hopeful, then not so, and on and on it went until I gave up and fell a heaping rumbling mess on the couch.
It’s now 6pm, and still nada.  
I may, in fact, be gaining weight by the moment because of this issue.
I know you’re probably thinking, “oh you’re full of sh*#!”
And to that I’d say, “YOU’RE TOTALLY RIGHT!”
Are you uncomfortable yet?
I know, so am I.
moving on?
{wish things were “moving on”…}
So, I survived the weekend.
I did all the supposed to eating (even the beans, though they didn’t their job AT ALL!), all the mat work, and all the cardio.
This sequence is KILLING me.
In fact, I may die.
And if that happens, who wants my tracy stuff?
Seriously, look at this picture I took when I thought it might be my last:
If I make it….
then only 7 days left.
Here’s my plan for the cleanse…
I’m going to make all the stuff, and Wednesday I’m going to attempt it all.
If I’m gagging and losing my lunch, then I’ll reassess and possibly find alternates to those which make me retch.
But, I started this month off by promising that I would TRY everything, and TRY everything I will.
Finish everything, I may not.
We shall see.
And with the end of the month coming up….my thoughts have turned towards the “after care” plan.
{think i watch too much celebrity rehab?  perhaps?}
While there have been some MAH-JAH changes, I still have a ways to go to recover from the damage I did over the holidays.
I think the fat has successfully been pushed to the surface, and while that’s all lovely and stuff, I’m more the type that would LOVE if that fat would all together disappear.
I have a feeling it won’t happen in 7 days, cleanse or no cleanse.
I plan on taking Monday the 31st off and driving first thing to Winchell’s for my fave doughnut ever and a bagel for Bethany, and then head back home to NOT WORKOUT all day long.
I’m thinking maybe a massage somewhere in that not working out time would be quite swell actually…
And I may or may not order a pizza for the family and indulge in my very own TWO pieces.  
Or three.
I won’t count.
{don’t judge…}
And then.
{annnnnnd dennnnnnn…..}
Tuesday it’s back to business.
I’m hoping to have the Metamorphosis dvd’s by then, so I’ll dive right into that 5-6 days a week.
I’ll watch my calories during the week and continue to eat clean, but allow a moderate free day on Saturdays.
I think the last bit o’change may take some time, and I’m totally okay with that.
{or so i’m telling myself}
Who needs flat abs right away anyway, right?

On another note, I’m getting together a “tips and tricks” post for those of you that may want to start The 30 Day Method in the future.
So, if any of you guys have questions about the method, about tracy, about how I did this, or you just want to know more about bodily functions, I’ll be happy to include those with my answers in that same post.
This is kind of a big deal, so the more support and knowledge out there, the better we are at being successful.
Speaking of successful, 
wish me luck tonight.
{wink, wink}
Not THAT “she said” kind of successful!!!
The other kind.
The other ew kind of successful.
Ya, I’ve just made things REALLY uncomfortable now.
{please come back tomorrow!}
© 2010 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. Cup of coffee to get things moving in the morning? :)

  2. Take some miralax. No, seriously. Life will be better. :)

  3. I seriously <3 you, and we havent even met yet..I was supposed to start this with you at the beginning of month, went to Vegas for a work trip, and got a horrible infection, thus I have been sick for 3 weeks! :( Antibiotics, flonase, sudafed, mucinex and advil...yes i have been taking all of them!! But I am really hoping to start beginning of Feb with the exception of taking Valentines Day off :) Thanks for your thinspiration!! Oh and your bathroom issue, it makes me laugh and feel bad for you at same time!! I already struggle in this area (been hospitalized for this before so i can totallly relate) so it makes me scared for the last 2 weeks, colace or dulcolax is your friend my friend :))) And I must have been living under my blankets while recovering because I had NO idea about Metamorphosis!!

  4. Also, are you going to do the continuity enrollment where you get 1 dvd every or every other month with 3 or 9 new workouts?

  5. You are always funny! I love that I can actually hear you when you write!

    Good luck but now that today is THE Monday you were referring to as driving to Winchell’s, you’ll have to share if you actually did go get your “fave” doughnut! lol