get yourself a sponsor, days 24 & 25

Can I just say that I am freaking tired?
Not like fall into bed tired, but like….
Get these kids to bed, get me out of the kitchen, and let me sit on the couch BY MYSELF, and please don’t touch me, because I just want to watch reality tv, kind of tired.
Did I just say, “get me out of the kitchen?!?”
Woah, that was weird.
Who am I anymore?
Being that I’m not feeling all witty and pretty and bright….let’s just get to business.
My couch and tv need me.
And I need them.
This routine is by FAR my favorite but by far THE HARDEST!
{which means it must work the best!}  
Just today was I able to up my reps to 35 and I’m thinking tomorrow may be the same.  
{I’ve been doing 40 of abs, and twice through the arms.}
As for cardio, both yesterday and today I did 45 minutes of dance cardio…but since my 30 something year old ankles are starting to hurt, I’ll be back to the rebounder tomorrow.
This update is boring even me.
Sorry guys.
They can’t all be winners.
Is it bad that I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday?
Or even really today?
It’s all just starting to blend together at this point.
I DO know that it was exactly what was on the menu, exact portions, exact food.  
It’s starting to get boring by the rules, huh?
No surprises, no shock value….just plain ol’ whatever Mama Tracy says Lil’ Summer does.
So, tomorrow begins the cleanse…and I’m fully prepared.
In fact, I just spent two effing amazing hours in the kitchen making everything and separating it out into little containers of 4 oz each.
You should have seen my mad skills.  
I was all making this, and making that, and doing a bunch of recipes ALL AT ONCE.
I could almost have my own cooking show.
SummaTime in the Kitch.
{still a working title}
I think I have it all figured out and I now have NO DOUBTS that I’ll make it through all five days.
{I mean, hello?!?  I’ll have 5 DAYS OF CHOCOLATE!!!!  I. DIE!}
And if certain recipes (edamame/carrot, blech!) become gagalicious, I have a backup plan, which I’ll share with you guys tomorrow.  I figure everyone should know how to make the cleanse work, in case you ever attempt it and get the case of the gaggles as well.
One last thing, and then I promise not to make you endure this lame post any longer….
If any of you guys think that The 30 Day Method is something you want to do, 
please know that I am TOTALLY 100% there for you.
You can email me (click contact me under  my header) anytime for anything.
The key to success is support, and after all you guys have given me, it’s the least I can do to pay it forward!
In fact, consider me your “sponsor.”
I will talk you through it, answer your questions, talk you OUT OF CHEATING, and into working out when you’re just not in the mood.
just call on me….and I’ll be there….
{Sing with me….}
Okay, that’s about it for today.
Thanks for hangin’ in there…and I promise I’ll be back to myself tomorrow.
{unless my kids wake up before the sun again, and then, i can’t make any promises.}
I updated my result pictures on my TAM facebook page.
{which are set to private unless you friend request me…there are just some things my high school teachers don’t need to see.}
I wanted to document the day before the cleanse so I could see the changes in the last five days.
No more pictures until Sunday, the LAST DAY!!!

k, heading to my couch…
come back tomorrow for the exciting “surviving the cleanse” tips.
Because, you know, I’ll be on day 1, which totally makes me the expert.

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. wa-hoo! Summer! it’s so good to be back checking things out on your blog. how i’ve MISSED YOU!!!
    your house looks GREAT! and your llast post inspired me to get some house pix up stat. (well maybe after we’ve done a little more work…). and yay for you for doing a cleanse! I just skimmed your post from today (sorry!) but it sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you! i’m proud of you and inspired by you! i’m back from my first ever real beach vacation and feeling so invigorated! i might just get back into blogging myself… i wish i could do it every day, but it’s so hard to juggle everything! anyway, just wanted to check in. LOVE YOU!!!
    xoxo, marit

  2. You can do it! :-)