mid early thirties

When I was 24 I was kinda freaking out that I was about to be in my mid 20’s.  
I was all, WOAH, stop the bus and let me off…
I may have even bought a book titled something like, Quarter Life Crisis.
Yup, I’m the ONE person who bought that book.
And then the second half of my 20’s came and went and something changed.
{or maybe the quarter life crisis just passed on it’s merry way?}
Because I actually became EXCITED about turning 30.
Maybe Oprah has something to do with it.  I mean, doesn’t she always?

Today I turn 32.
I am officially in my mid early thirties, and I’m actually more excited about it then I was when I turned 30.

I just adore getting older.
Weird, right?
I know that may not ALWAYS be the case, but it is for the moment, and I am embracing it.
And what’s really odd is that my 30’s haven’t been all that easy.
I’ve had to make some difficult decisions.
I’ve had to say some goodbye’s that were harder than I ever imagined.
I’ve had to sit with a professional and discuss some issues that weren’t easy to face.
I’ve had to realize that things and relationships aren’t always what they have seemed.
I’ve loved …
and lost.
But, I think that’s what I love about aging, and what has been the great thing about my 30’s.
It has brought me courage.
Courage to stand up for myself.
Courage to acknowledge when things need to change.
Courage to say goodbye to what isn’t working, and courage to fall forward towards change.
Courage to embrace change.
Courage to face the truth…
even if it’s not easy.

I may not a whole lot calmer.
But I am a little.
I may not be a whole lot wiser.
But I am a little.

And that’s enough for me.

So here’s to another birthday.
Here’s to another year.
Here’s to getting older.


© 2010 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. awww what a sweet post! happy birthday lady, i hope you have an amazing day! :)

  2. Happy Birthday my friend…….thankful for you and glad you were born!!

  3. Happy Birthday Summer. You deserve to really enjoy it, not just for one day, the whole year through.

    I am thankful every year I get older for I too am blessed with that gift of life and should embrace it.

    You do something very brave Summer, everyday in fact. You acknowledge your ‘issues, struggles and secrets’ and you battle with them inide and out. But by battling that means you are on the road to resolving them. Believe me I know how bumpy that road can be. Even now with a 20 month old.

    Stay strong and enjoy your celebrations. xx

  4. I bought that book too when I was 22 so don’t feel bad 😉

    Happy Birthday!

  5. I absolutely love getting older for the “inside” stuff…we get more confident, care less about others, and wiser….the outside stuff, that’s another thang.

    Happy Birthday girlie…hope you get everything you want!

  6. Great post :) Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday Summer. My daughter’s birthday is today also. She turns fourteen. I’m 32 and would be embracing it a whole lot more if I didn’t have a fourteen year old daughter :S :) much love on your special day <3

  9. happy bday dear!!! i turn 32 in a couple months and i am actually excited too. however my goal was to already be making 125k by the time i am 30 but that didnt happen. i can still dream. have a great bday hon!

  10. I am turning 30 in June and I am trying to stay upbeat about it. I think I will remember this post every time I worry about getting older!

    Happy birthday to you!

  11. Yeah…I wish I was enthusiastic about getting older. Now that I’m on the downward slop of the mid 30’s and 40 is approaching rather quickly, I feel like panic is setting in…lol!

    Happy Birthday!! Wishing you many more FABulous years ahead!

  12. Beautiful post from a beautiful birthday girl! Happy Birthday.

  13. HAPPY Birthday fashionista! You don;t look a day over 26 :)

  14. Happy happy birthday! The 30’s are great. 40 isn’t bad either – it’s the ageing on the outside that sucks. The rest of it is great!

  15. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

  16. happy birthday to youuuuu!! hope you had a fantastic day!

  17. Happy (late) Birthday! I hope your day was fabulous. xoxo

  18. Haha, I bought that book too!!!
    I am turning in a few months and I am still freaking out. Where is the time going?!?!
    Happy belated birthday.

  19. I love reading your posts, they are always so inspiring! I hope you had an amazing birthday!!

  20. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    P.S. 32 is my favorite number so I’m sure this year will be AMAZING for you!