you are the big winner, tattoos, and a dog attack

Hey people!
So….ya…two weeks later I’m here picking the winner!!!
This time I went high tech again,
by putting my finger on the computer and scrolling through the comments while closing my eyes.
When Jimmy called stop,
I opened my eyes and saw….
Dear sweet Brittany of Unexpected Surprises!!!
seriously girl,
I LOVE that you won,
because you are one of those readers that are seriously one of the biggest BLESSINGS to me!
You always read, always comment, always encourage, and always make me laugh. =)
Email me, and we’ll work out the deets!
To the rest of you,
there are always more opportunities coming up!
and because I’m starting a second round of antibiotics…
I had to reschedule my tattoo for today.
Oh the sadness.
I might mention that my foster son was attacked by a dog on the day I was traveling home from Miami.
Talk about sadness.
While I knew of my love for him before,
nothing made me realize that I care for him as one of my own,
than this situation.
I felt helpless and scared,
and all I wanted was to be with him.
So ya, it’s been a FUN first day home.
© 2010 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. Rescheduled tattooos make me crazy!!! I think I was just as excited as you! I need a good tat idea also. Something revolving around the number 3 or 3 of something. Can’t wait to see yours ! Happy weekend !

  2. Aww sorry that your day back wasnt so great! Hope yall have a great week though :)

  3. Oy freaking VEY. I am so sorry your (foster) son had to go through that. I’m thinking of him! And you. And your tat. :)

  4. Hopefully he’s OK! I was attacked by a dog when I was 8 and had 75 stitches in my face… you can’t even tell anymore, and I was on the ground playing with my friends Bull Mastif today, so the fear has faded too. I’m sure he’ll be just fine! :)

  5. Yay for Brittany! I love her and her blog!

    The dog attack and the tattoo thing suck though. No yay’s for that!

  6. How on earth were you able to go on vacation when you have a foster son at home? My aunt is a foster parent and she couldn’t leave her foster daughter with anyone for like 6 months. Well, good for you for getting out! Hope you feel better! And I can’t wait to see your newest tattoo when you get it done.

  7. Oh no! I hope he’s OK!!!

  8. Aww! Your poor boy! I hope he’s ok!!

    And dang IT! I really wanted to win this one. I need one of those return address stamps! Guess I will just have to buy it now. :)

  9. Did you know that even foster mothers are entitled to vacation!?!? Amazingly enough they are!! You deserved that vacation lovely lady… I hope the little man is doing okay after the puppy bite :( That’s no good… and I can NOT believe that you are not feeling well again. What’s going on lady!?!?!?

    Feel better and CONGRATS to Brittany!!!

    Have a lovely, restful Sunday sweet lady :)

  10. Oh no! Is he okay?!?! That’s so horrible :(

    I hope you feel better and I can’t wait to see what you get as your new tattoo!

  11. sounds like these vacations weren’t as restful as they should…you’re coming back ill, stressed and sad…Chin up lady! i’m sure the wee one is ok(and probablly the happiest little boy when he saw the worried look of love on your face), the cold will go and the tattoo finished soon (i hadn’t realised that it wasn’t finished..)

    hope the weekend was good.

  12. He got attacked by a freaking DOG?! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s ok, though, right?

  13. Hope your son is okay!!

    Feel better soon.

  14. Is he okay?! I love the winner! She’s so sweet!

  15. @Ams: I didn’t mean Summer shouldn’t go on vacation, I meant that I didn’t think the state would let her so soon. Maybe it’s different in California, my aunt was in Oregon and they didn’t let her leave her foster daughter with anyone other than those provided by the state for respite and that didn’t happen for 6 months after she got her. Of course you deserve a vacation, Summer! I’m sorry if that came across wrong.

  16. i’m sorry you have to reschedule your tattoo that sucks!

    and your poor little guy! i bet that just scared him to death. i hope he is doing ok!