vote for summer, and i’ll give you my tots

So apparently I have been nominated for a way FAB mommy blog award, 
and while there are lots of other AMAZING mommy bloggers up for the win, 
I still think it would kind of cool to get the swag.

And by give you my tots…
I mean, I’ll share the swag with YOU guys!!!

Btw, I guess I’m losing because I have tooted my own horn yet.

So toot toot.

Vote for Summer!
{it’s easy, visit the blog and click the button next to Le Musings of Moi!}


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  1. Darn, it only lets me vote once, thats not fair, LOL!!! Good luck Summer!!!!

  2. voted for ya!!!! xo

  3. off I go!! congrats for the nomination!! xo

  4. I voted, love tots! Lol

  5. i voted! good luck!

  6. How cool SUmmer. YOu go!

  7. I voted. Good luck, I hope you win!!