book club

I am FINALLY getting around to updating those pages up there you see under my header….
This week my goal is to finish my write up on all my favorite books under the tab,
I have a few up now, so if you’re looking for a good read….
I might be able to help.
And keep checking back, because by Friday it should be all the way updated!
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  1. hey lady!
    glad to be back on le musings after such a long time away. ;(
    i miss you so much and i’m telling you now, i’m going to try super hard to be better at staying in touch. life has been too hectic here in homtown since i got back from cali, still not finished with the new house, still living at the in-laws, still not able to move on and get my life back on track! (depressed, what?)

    so anyway, i met someone named summer the other day and i was like, i have a summer in my life, but i’ve been neglecting her!!! so sorry babe! forgive?

    you look super hot in your mondays muse fashion post! nice to see you.

    i’ll try to start blogging again. it’s like my fingers are lead, and i. just. can’t. get. motivated.

    have i lost my voice??? (loved that post btw.)

    love and kisses,