the big winner!!!

I am so not camera ready,
so instead of vlogging the winner,
I decided to just use good ol’
Which I’m not a fan of,
because then I have to count through the comments.
And I’m lazy, and tired,
and math was so so long ago for me.
But, I made a promise to pick the winner tonight,
so here I am…
to the chosen number 61.
(ugh, was so hoping it would be in the top 10…wanted less to count.)
The big winner tonight is…..
Congrats girlee!!
Email me and we’ll work out the details!
And you know….
I have ANOTHER giveaway coming up tomorrow or Tuesday.
And of course,
you will DIE for it.
Pinky swear even.
© 2010 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. yay for the winner

  2. YAY!!!! :) I’ll email you now :)


  3. Congrats to Mommy Loves Stilettos! :)