le big winner of the proactiv anti aging products!!!

Yes, I realize I am an ENTIRE week past the date I said I was going to pick a winner for this giveaway…

but come on….

first there was the healing from the tattoo and then my daughter got the flu.

You’re lucky I’m even still here.
And still sane.

Anyway, here is the big winner!!!

Via randomnumber.org,

Number 259!!!
Woah, that is crrrrazy, last entry wins the game!
Lauren from Salt says…come and claim your prize girl!!!
Don’t worry, non winners….I like to keep my peeps HOOKED up for putting up with me, so you’ll have your chance at more fab stuff soon!
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend.
Chloe is STILL sick, but not in the cute snuggly way anymore, and she does not want anyone besides her mama, who still can’t calm the cries….so I enjoyed myself a big ol’ slice of chocolate cake from Vons.
And I’m currently enjoying the slight high I am feeling from eating sugar again.
An addict I am.
I know.
That’s why there’s Mondays though, to start over.

© 2009 “Le Musings of Moi”

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  1. I hope your little girl is doing ok Summer!! So sorry!! :(

    Congratulations to the winner!!

  2. Congrats!!!
    I hope your little baby girl starts feeling better soon Miss Summer!!

  3. Flu- Oh nooo-I hope your little baby girl starts feeling better . Congrats to the winner!!!
    FYI-I’m having a Valentine print sale-all prints in my gallery and new honey bear print-

    click on enter website
    then gallery
    then click on prints available

  4. Hope your little girl feels better soon! My little guy has a fever.

  5. i hope she feels better soon!!!

  6. congrats to salt!

    i am fighting an addiction to oreos at the moment. apparently i can not handle having just one.

    hope the little one feels better soon!

  7. i feel like i cannot get enough sugary goodness these days!!!

    congrats to salt!!

  8. congrats to the winner! hope your daughter feels better soon so you can get back to normal life!

  9. hope Chloe starts to feel better. we’ve had the sickies around here lately too

  10. oh i’m sorry to hear chloe is sick! wishes to her to get better!

  11. You definitely deserved some chocolate. I hope the munchkin feels better soon!

  12. Yay to the winner!! (God, I’m so behind in the blog world, ugh…)

    And girl, you SO deserved that cake. I have a magnet on my ‘fridge that says “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards”. ‘Nuf said! :)

    xoxo J

  13. Oh my gosh!!! I never win anything! This is so exciting and this will be so perfect for my face right before the wedding. Thank you so so so so much, Summer! How shall I send you my info??

  14. I am addicted to sugar too and congrats to the winner!

  15. That is great, those products are excellent, congratulations!