wide open spaces

To catch up, read Part 1…and Part 2:
I gave my notice on my apartment and my job, and moved in with a friend for a month to save some money.
I continued to live my lifestyle, but I knew that once I got to California things were going to change. I would get personal with God again, I would give up partying, I would make friends who had depth and quality. Friends I actually chose to be friends with, friends I hoped would become like family.
And then I got a phone call from my step dad a week before we were to all move. He asked me if I was sitting. Then he told me the job fell through. They weren’t going after all. They were staying in B town.
My heart sank.
Yet, the words I had written that emotional night still clung to my soul. I was getting out. I was leaving all my hurt, pain, and bad choices behind me.
I knew one guy in California. He had been a waiter and an aquaintance at the local Red Robin, and I remember him mentioning he was going to California to manage a restaurant there. So, I took a chance and called his restaurant and explained my situation. I asked if he was hiring and if he happened to know anyone who needed a roommate. He told me to come on down, he would help me set it all up, and I could crash on his couch for a month until I got settled.
He was the only one I knew there, but that was enough for me.
And so, a week later….with my Honda Accord packed to the roof, I said yet another goodbye to my family. And this time I knew I wouldn’t be going back.
I was going to start over. I was leaving all the bad choices and memories, the hurt and the pain….
I would miss my family…but I needed my smile. I needed my laugh. I needed happiness. And it had been years since I seen any of it in B town.
I put on the Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces, and sang my theme song all the way to California.
My dreams were coming true.
© 2009 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. Isn’t it neat when you can look back and see those defining moments that took you where you are today.

    How brave. And in the end what a wonderful choice:)

  2. Yay!!! I wish I had your courage to just get up and leave like you did. Im so glad it all worked out for you. Oh and great song choice, LOL!!!

  3. you are a strong and brave girl!
    sounds like god has blessed the broken road that led you where you are today.
    hope you are having a good day :)

  4. Yes…WIDE OPEN SPACES…that was a great song. Sounds like it was YOUR anthem. Sometimes we need a fresh start and it’s the BEST things that ever happen to us. Have a wonderful Sunday hun!!!

  5. Giving up the party life, the so called friends and boys..ugh..sounds so familiar! Cheers to new good choices, and much more “real” joy to experience! Thanks for sharing your story with us…your a brave lady!!!

  6. Gosh I love you :)

    So brave, lady! I can’t wait to hear the rest! &&& I can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

  7. You have me so sucked into your story now Summer. I totally started singing the Dixie Chicks song when I saw your title, wasn’t sure if that would make it’s way in or not. Great tune! Great post!

    Can’t wait for the next installment! You really need to write a book darling…in case nobody has told you that yet!

  8. i hope you’re not going to stop here…i want more. and…i feel a bit silly…but this got me a little teary…

  9. Wow! You are a brave woman and so much stronger than I have ever been. Can’t wait to see what happens next. I hope this guy doesn’t turn out to be a complete a$$.

  10. All part of God’s big plan for your and your beautiful life you pretty mama!!! I had quite an adventure today…someone a know got HIS ears pierced, yikes!

  11. what a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. song to sing to. i can’t wait to hear more! i’m so glad you are letting us in on your past like this. i love you even more! :)

  12. Love it! These kind of stories are so inspiring! I can’t wait to hear more…and about your weekend! :)

  13. Seriously I have chills. I’m such an emotional.

  14. I went straight from my parent’s house to the house I’m in now. I do wish I had traveled or done something spontaneous first.

  15. Leaving your old life and family behind to start a new one is really hard!

    I hope there is more to this story…I’m hooked!

  16. Love wide open spaces! Your story is sad and brave and wonderful! I am loving it! Thanks for sharing.