fashion friday: diy attempt

 Okay, so we all know by now I am not so much a crafty person (scrapbooks stay away!!!), but when it comes to fashion, I really wish I was. So when I saw Maegan’s DIY shirt/vest thing, I was relieved that finally there was something I could actually attempt! All I needed were scissors and a t shirt, and that, I was thinking I could handle.
Surprisingly I didn’t mess it up, and I was actually pretty happy with the results! I thought for sure Jimmy would know that I had made it, but when he got home he mentioned how cute it was, and was shocked when I told him I had made it all by myself. I felt like a 4 year old showing off my arts and crafts.
So, here it is. My version of Maegans DIY.
I should start calling my Fashion Friday posts, 101 ways to wear a Hanes tank…
So, the skirt is thrifted and it’s huge on me, I actually wore it when I was pregnant with Chloe. Hence the belt, which is from Forever 21.
Shoes: Steve Maddens from TJ Maxx
Necklaces: Chain- doubled up, thrifted. The other one is from etsy and has my babies first initial on one side, and their birthday on the other.
Okay, now it’s your turn! If you have a fashion related post from today or this week and you want to share, link up here!
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  1. Completely LOVE the back with the red bow ♥ Check out my SURPRISE giveaway…you’ll want it :)-
    …Happy Friday…

  2. Cute outfit!

  3. Very cute! I just love Maegan’s DIY’s!

  4. Great ensemble and idea for a shirt. I am going to attempt it. I have a ton of Hane’s that could be transformed, and great ribbons for the bow. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  5. LOVE this look! i would probably screw up the whole shirt thing, but it is adorable on you. good work!

  6. I had seen this on Maegan’s blog and now on yours? Too cute! Looks great!

  7. um, I don’t like it. Can we still be thrift store sistas 4evah? <3

  8. love the shirt!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think i could pull it off, but it looks great!!!

  9. What a super sweet DIY. Maegan always makes me want to try, but I just don’t have her creativity!

  10. I love this outfit! I followed your link over to Maegan and her DIY stuff is fab! I am so headed to Joanns today!

  11. Interesting outfit. I think you look adorable in anything to be honest. The red bow was cute.

  12. omg I love it with the red bow. I love really how it’s a masculine look but the bow adds just enough femininity. The more you wear it the more the edges will curl. I love it. Nice job. You look adorable and I LOVE your shoes!

  13. So cute! You did an awesome job. You DO look adorable!

  14. it looks SO CUTE!!! and you are so cute!!! love it!

    and that damn maegan and her craftiness! kidding — she is my co-worker and we are pretty much gay for each other. KIDDING AGAIN. we are friends and i am acting high and writing lame comments because i am fucking stoked that i can leave work in 1 hour and 36 mintues.

    sorry for babbling!

    have a great weekend you little cutie!

  15. Nice job on the shirt, would have made a great vlog post for this week. 😉

    Love and Prayers,


  16. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

    I love the outfit. Not 100% sure on the shoes, but they’re growing on me. Le Cute Blog!

  17. loving those shoes! I have to go get some!

  18. Cute t-shirt. You did well;)
    Just stopping by from SITS wishing you a Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    Greetings from Spain

  19. The tank tied with a bow is adorable. I’m stealing your look 😉
    Happy SITS Sharefest

  20. thanks for checking out my blog – now i get to discover yours! i love tearing apart my t-shirts and reconstructing them….

  21. cool i saw her post… i wanna try it soon you did a great job

    Vi from Cali

  22. So cute! Love the red ribbon detail!

  23. Just came across your site from SITs. love it and your style rocks!

  24. Get up there on the catwalk, lady!!