So, in light of my rebellious confession, I feel I need to go deeper here with my peeps.
Let’s talk about traditions.
I already touched on the traditional role of a stay at home mom cooking the dinner. And how that thought not only makes me want to rebel and run away, but it also slightly makes me a bit nauseous.
But, I also have issue with traditions. Doing things simply because it’s the “American Way.”
I did not grow up in a typical way. Some of it I loved, some of it not so much.
I don’t necessarily want the memories of every other person I meet. I like that some of my childhood stuff is different. That it sets me apart. Although strange, I like that ground seasoned hamburger meat constituted a meal in my home. It was good, I loved it, and I can’t say that too many people I know can say that.
I like different. It feels good. It suits me.
I mean, isn’t it more about the love we are giving then what and how things are being done. Isn’t it that our kids simply remember how much they were loved, adored and cared for far more important then if they had a three course well rounded meal every night? (oh yes, it always goes back to the cooking. Always.)
So you see, that’s what I’m saying.
In my eyes, it doesn’t have to be typical. It doesn’t have to be the norm. It can be different then your neighbor or your cousin. God created every single person on this earth to be unique. So why can’t that flow into our lives?
Being American to me doesn’t mean having to be the same, or typical. Of course, if the American Dream or typical suits you, I am all for supporting you in your cause. I just don’t want to wear it. All I desire is to be loved and accepted for what I choose as well.
See, rebellious I tell you.
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  1. Well, Annie get your gun! I love your distain for cooking! I actually love to cook… balanced meals and all.(My Mom however… she likes to think seasoned hamburger is a meal too! I kind of love that about her.) Boy actually said, “WTF?” the other night when I told him I forgot to incorporate a starch. Haha. Something is wrong with me, I tell ya! (I actually think I do this because my cousin who is diabetic used to spend summers with us… so I learned a lot about balancing a meal… that’s what I’m going with anyway!)

  2. I hope my kids grow up thinking that cereal for dinner was FANTASTIC, and can write blog posts saying what a cool mom for it I was, and that they always felt loved.

    Cause I do. Always love them. And have cereal alot for dinner:)

  3. I don’t even cook! But I know my children are loved and happy and well fed. Even if it mean they eat McDonald’s once a week. 😉

  4. My child has never had a three course meal at our house. And is unlikely to. 😉

    Loved the conversation with your son!

  5. I completely agree that everyone should get to do life a different way if they choose. And we should be FAR more understanding and accepting of that. There isn’t just ONE right way to do things. It would be nice if people who chose less traditional paths would be accepting of those who do choose traditional paths, and if those who choose traditional paths would be accepting of those who do not.

  6. I say do what works for you and your family and screw the rest! And you are right, it’s all about the love.

  7. as a kid, I used to complain to my mom that our family wasnt “normal.” and one day, she stopped and said, “what is normal? tell me who you think has a normal family.” and I couldnt think of a single person. (LOL)

    so now, I kinda feel like that IS the American Way. doing it your way. doing whats right for your family. because no one is normal. we are all weirdos!

  8. Love this post. (okay, so i love all your posts) I grew up in a fairly traditional family I guess. My dad worked, my mom did not. She did get a job when I was in high school, and she still works there. Since moving home from Cali, I have kind of taken on a dual role. I pretty much cook for my family, plus my mom, dad and little brother. I really like cooking, though hate the dishes as well as deciding what to make.

    I like being home with my kids, cause, well I am a total control freak. I want to be. I have known for a long time that I wanted to raise kids then go back to school, then law school. Though I do still have visions of maybe having a nonprofit in the near future. If I can get it figured out…

    I think there are some unusual things about my childhood, but like you, they set me apart. I hope there are things that we do that set our kids apart. But also like you, regardless of the way we do things, our kids will know that they are loved.

  9. I thought that was normal too until I met my Italian husband and his mother who cooks extravagant meals and makes all here own sauces and pastas. Not even going to try and compete with that!! In fact, I think we are the normal ones and they are wierd!!

    Glad to hear not all stay at home moms cook! Amen to that

  10. You are on a roll girl! You are right on. We didnt grow up with a lot of money in our house, and both of my parents worked. But one or both of my parents were at every sporting or school event and always did stuff with me on the weekend even if it was just going outside. Those are the things that I remember most.

  11. Different isn’t always “bad” 😉

    I came into marriage thinking I was going to be a SAHW/one day mother but God had different plans for me – not 10 months later and I work 2 jobs and have a hard time keeping the house clean from just the 2 of us….So like I said about different isn’t always bad – it’s just….different 😉

  12. lol, I would love to be a stay at home mom cooking healthy balanced meal. But I take what I can get. lol.

    I grew up different from a lot of people, and I don’t mind at all.

  13. I cook just enough. Never gourmet and usually at least one box or can is involved. Today we had french toast for lunch. YUM.