mars & venus

Men Like to Fix.
Women like to Feel.
God likes to do both.
I was reading the story where, in my opinion, the shortest and most powerful verse is found. {John 11:17-44}
Jesus wept.
He felt such deep emotion that he wept.
He literally cried and deeply felt the people’s pain. And when we hurt, when others around us hurt, you can bet He is crying with us and with them.
He Feels our Pain.
And then, when everybody thought it was too late, He went and brought Lazarus back to life.
He Fixes it.
God feels it before he fixes it. But, He is moved to do both.
When two are married, they become one.
He brings his fixing, she brings her feeling.
The challenge we face, is how will we merge the two together so that it works?
When we can feel before we fix, but manage to do both, we can create a miracle.
© 2009 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. Wow! I really needed this post right now. Thank you so much.

  2. nice summer. are these deep thoughts somehow inspired by vegas?? that would be so weird if they were :)

  3. Very nice. Well said.

  4. Oh wow….very powerful….thank you!


  5. Summer,
    What a powerful post. This should be worked into wedding vows. Seriously, its beautiful.

  6. That was a fantastic post.

    I completely agree with you, too. Men and women provide a perfectly balanced unit when they fit together. (not all personalities fit together, male or female.)

  7. Beau.ti.ful

  8. This was really beautiful. And well worded. And powerful.

  9. Ummm did you think all that up yourself?? Or was that from a book?? Because Bra-freaking-Vo, I LOVE it!!

  10. what a beautiful post. thank you for sharing.

  11. well put.

  12. Amen sister!

    I mean…great post!

  13. Those are very deep thoughts for someone who just got back from a girls party weekend in Vegas. I was expecting party weekend 2009 post and I get Jesus wept? I guess you are keeping me on my toes.

  14. LOVE this! What am amazing realization and truth of how we women differ from our men but how God is the best of both…

    Hope you had a great time in Vegas! Can’t wait to talk about it!

    Love ya :)

  15. A-MAZ-ING! Beautifully put!

  16. Wonderful insight!

  17. What a GREAT post Summer…I loved that!