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Not only was my vacation good for my tan, but I think it was also good for my soul. Weird how Vegas can do that to a person.
I read a book. An entire book, and I completely loved it. 
I was away from the computer. For three entire days I didn’t do a thing but print directions on how to get from Vegas to home. And I loved it. 
I thought of my kids and my husband and my impending move, and I realized in being away from them, just how much I loved them.
I don’t really know what’s going to change, I just know there will be changes.
There is one thing though, that I do know about. And that is that this is the very last “official” Blogversations. It’s been fun. And I’ve been proud of those of you willing to step out of your comfort zone to show your face. 
One thing about writing and entertaining…is that I want to keep it fun and something I look forward to doing. Somehow, knowing I have to do it once a week or even every other week has taken a bit of the fun and spontenaitity out of it. For me anyhow.
I am not saying, in any way, that blogging has killed the video star (Isn’t that how the song goes???). I will still, at times, be making and sharing my dorky videos, it’s just that I won’t be linking up and there won’t be any warnings as to when it’s coming!!! 
I know, I’m crazy like that.
So anyway, I thought what better way to end Blogversations than to laugh? Ellen likes to dance. I like to laugh. And this video will make you do just that. Enjoy.
{Hear how my voice is all sexy and stuff???}
And by the way, Taylor had to change out of his shorts after this video. Laughing that hard makes the kid pee. Now, how funny is that???
Your turn…if you want:

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  1. That is hilarious! What a trip!!

  2. Love it. So funny. I’m sad to see the blogversations go, but I know what you mean about just feeling like you have one more responsibility or assignment and due date during the week. All week, I’ve been weirdly manic and sick and I feel guilty for missing people’s blogs. See what I mean? Responsibilities.

  3. So cute! Nice to finish on a high note :)

  4. Laughing is so healthy!

  5. Awwww, those a CUTE kids girl!

    I love Blogversations, I hate to see it go! Maybe when I come back I can persuade you to try again??


  6. Love his belly laughs! It is so good for the heart and soul. And I love watching Chloe look like “Mom Im not really related to him am I?”

  7. Hee hee! Your son has a great laugh!

  8. Oh what cute cute kids!

  9. Nothing beats a kid’s laughter. It always makes my day better when I hear my kids laughing and playing together. :)

    I love the look on Chloe’s face when her brother’s trying to make her laugh…

  10. Isn’t it amazing how a vacation can just give you so much peace and perspective! Welcome back!

  11. Well, dammit. I didn’t even get to do a Blogversation yet. I’m sad to see them ending, but if you feel it’s time then I’m sure it is.

    That video cracked me up. Your kids are adorable, I could watch them all day. Taylor’s laugh is so cute. Towards the end, he sounded like Randy in A Christmas Story.