you came to the right place….

If you’re new, welcome. And because I think you need to get to know me, let me for a moment, boss you around.
First, go to the top of my blog and click on “About Moi.”
Now for some links to my personal favorite posts…this is a toughie. I love them all. I do, I’m just that humble.
But, here are some to get you started.
Speaking of being humble…I am Humbled
But wait, I can be funny too: You Tube, the Le Musings Way and Can I Use That?
If you’re a mom, you’ll appreciate these: Mommy Dearest and The Look.
If you’re married, here’s some: 10 Ways to Make it to 5 years of Marriage and The First Time I….
And if you’re into fashion or home decorating, these are for you: Fashion Friday and Etsy.
Okay then….that’s just the beginning of me. You have a lot to catch up on before tomorrow. Get busy.

© 2009 “Le Musings of Moi”

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  1. Congrats to my favorite humble diva :)

  2. Whoo hoo! Congrats being featured at BSU!

  3. Congrats on being Top Blog:0)

  4. Congratulations on being Top Blog. I am going to poke around a bit. Enjoy your week!

  5. Coming by from Blog Stalkers and I realized I’ve been by before from SITS! So happy to come back and say hi and look forward to reading more (LOVE the How to Make it to 5 Years of Marriage!). : )

  6. Hey~ I just wanted to thank you for the great giveaway, and for the honorable mention on your blog! I love you and your awesome blog:0)


  7. stopping by from BSU now off to read more about you!
    Congrats on your Top Blog Spot!

  8. Congrats! I will be stalking you frequently! LOL!

  9. Congrats on your week! WooHooo

  10. Congrats girl!!!

  11. Yah for being the Featured Blogger!! That is great! Perhaps someday I will be just like you :o)

  12. Nice to meet you! Congrats on being the featured blogger and I’m looking forward to checking our your posts. Thank you!!

  13. Congrats on being the featured blog! It looks like you have a great blog here. Thanks for letting me check it out!

  14. …just your friendly neighborhood Bloggy Stalker!

    Nice to meet you, congrats on the top spot, lovely place you have here!

  15. Yay!! Congrats!

  16. Came over from B.S.U.! Your blog is precious!

  17. Stop telling me what to do. Youre not the boss of me.

    Im telling.


    Sorry, just coming off a weekend with the kids.

  18. Congrats, well deserved!! :-)

  19. How fun! Conrats to my dear friend! So excited for you with your blogging success!!!

    LOVE the video of Taylor talking with his “future wife” – ha!!! Too funny :) Just love him.

    I want a cookie now…

  20. So you’ve got it totally goin’ on. What’s new? 😉

  21. Miss Summer, how delightful that you’re the featured blog this week. :)

  22. Go head girl. Do your little turn on the catwalk!

  23. Congrats on the spotlight! That would be fun!

  24. dear lord you have 300 followers. summer for president!

  25. Hey there! Be sure to stop by before 9PM PST tonight to enter my current giveaway for a free Timid Monster. If you’ve already entered this giveaway, come back tomorrow to enter my next one! :)