it’s blogversation time!

Okay, so I didn’t have much to give you guys this week. With all my social events this week, I’m just fresh out of witty and pretty.
So, today I give you Taylor and his best friend, Izabel:
Okay then, so now, enough about that.  Now it’s your turn.  Show me what ya got Mr. Linky style!
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  1. Ok so I can’t watch the video right now b/c I am at work and the player is disabled but I will be back to watch, I promise.

  2. That is great!! I’m not 100% savvy when it comes to some tech. so how the heck were you able to see his little friend on the computer??? That is great!!

  3. now, i forget which one of you is assigned cooking on the chore chart, but who made that burnt sandwich for poor taylor?

    LOVE the webcam idea. genius!

  4. OH my word. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

  5. adorable. and brilliant, really.

  6. So cute! I loved how they weren’t even really watching each other, just kind of eating and playing while the other one was on television. That’s the best use for TV I’ve ever seen :). Brilliant!

  7. Ugh. I can’t do blogversations today because my husband has all the cameras. I have GOT to start planning ahead. Because I love your videos, so I imagine others will love mine. Someday.

  8. That is so cute! Playdates sure have come a long way! 😉

  9. How adorable is that!?! Little online friends. So you can still live in a bubble and have substantial relationships…you could have an online wedding!! So cute!!

  10. now that is totally awesome! I so need to get a web cam and a laptop for that matter. Hayden would totally love that.

  11. That is just so awesome! I so need to get a web cam and a laptop for that matter. Hayden would love that.

  12. How cute! I was distracted with the way Taylor was eating that pancake, or sandwich or whatever it was. He was biting all around the edge and that happens to be how I eat everything. Haha!

  13. Argh..been trying to upload my tiny little vlog all day..not working, I’ll try again tomorrow.

  14. love that he is doing video chat with girls already…so funny!

  15. That’s amazing. My kids are really getting into “Skyping.” My husband and I were just talking about how we used to dream about stuff like this when we were kids. Who knows–maybe we WILL be flying around in cars in the sky, too. :)

  16. Crap. I forgot to enter the giveaway. And I have smelly flip flop feet. I guess I’ll just have to BUY some for myself… :)

    Taylor is SO stinking cute. I love how he talks to his friend (I mean, his future wife that he loves) on the webcam. So cute.

  17. So cute!!

    I have an iMac and a Macbook … while I was on a cruise ship on the other side of the world I was able to see and talk to my hubs who had to stay behind. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!

  18. great! seriously cute! ty for sharing lol cher