it’s kind of like holy water

Many of you know, I’m a lover and a giver. Especially when it comes to Formula. And in making Chloe her drinkie drink, I try to mix the potent powder with only the best water I can find. I’ve recently been using the PUR Water filter, and have been blissfully happy with it.
Until Mom Fuse brought Zero water into my life.
Though it’s a bit more ($39.99 for the pitcher and one filter) than the cost of the Brita or the Pur (Each around $25), for me, for my Chloe, it’s definitely worth it.
Why am I so hooked?
Well first of all, it tastes so clean and so crisp and so…healthy. I think it’s as close to Holy Water that you can find. But, what really sold me was the TDS Meter (total dissolved solids) that came along with the purifier. This meter shows the amount of dissolved substances in parts per million in the water we drink.
Zero is completely pure. 500 is the maximum that FDA approves.
My husband and I set out to experiment. Tap water? 655! Ew!
Our Pur Water? 349…
Our Zero water? Um, zero. Ya, awesome.
Really, that was all I needed.
Now being the researcher I am, I have been online reading other reviews as well. Some absolutely love it, some are put off by the price, and then there are some that complain about a funky mildew odor after some extended time of use.
So far, I haven’t had any issues. Although in this economy, I know cost can definitely be an issue. And if you don’t mind solids in your water, then pay less and drink away.
But, if you want solid-less water, then this is definitely the filter to try. Have more questions, click here for the FAQ page. Want to know where to buy it? Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Home Depot.
***Okay, so it’s been another month now, and now we get the whole funky mildew thing.  The filter seems to last only two or three weeks, and then something sour happens.  It’s yuk.  But, on the happy side…at least for those two or three weeks you get utterly pure water.  =)***
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  1. it makes me curious! I wouldn’t even want to know how many yuckies are in our town water.. bleghhh.

  2. wow – we have well water and i sometimes wonder what’s in it… i might have to try this zero thing though!! :)

  3. Oooh! Sounds good. We have the Brita right now…