the shallow side & a giveaway?

It’s been an emotional writing (reading???) week. And all throughout, I’ve had so many non-emotional things to share.
Reality TV (is there any other?):
Like, The Bachelor.
I like the Interior Designer. She is so cute and totally non-drama.
The girl who looks like Sandra Bullock? Um, no thanks. How does she not know that the words “Control Freak” are never good to share when trying to woo a man?
And crazy “I know your birthday” girl, she is funny in a freaky way.
My husband decided the show wasn’t good for me when after it ended I turned to him and said, “If you were on this show and had 20 girls besides me to choose from, do you think you would still pick me?”
And then The City.
I have an on again/off again relationship with Jay.
Adam, guilty. So totally guilty. Men like that suck, and my heart breaks for girls who wind up with them.
Real Housewives of the O.C.?
I think I have an ugly disgusted look on my face the entire hour I am watching the show. But, I just can’t seem to pull away. They are horribly mean and stuck up, and I feel bad for Leanne. And a little bit even for Gretchen. Jeana is just sad, sad, sad. Her life is a mess and she needs to get a backbone. As for Vickie and Tamra, they are simply evil and awful. Ick, ick. Thinking of them just made me throw up a little in mouth.
I’m trying out some new skin care/hair care products. Once I decide I like them, I’ll be sure to give my reviews.
Okay, now I wasn’t sure I would ever do this, because I wanted to keep my blog simply for writing, but I wanted to find a way to say thanks to all of my readers. So, if you’re a follower stay tuned. And if you’re not, you should click the follow this blog icon, because next week I’ll do my first (and maybe only) giveaway especially for those followers of mine.
Dog Stuff:
I also have to share that I had a couple bonding moments with Bradley. My needy dog. I think I semi like him now. And he’s definitely not up for the giveaway anymore. The first awesome thing he did was protect my baby from someone he thought was trying to take her. Now, that person was me, and I was just trying to get her out of the carseat…but he didn’t know that at first. He caught me out of the corner of his eye and he immediately growled and came running. He stopped when he realized it was me. I almost cried. It was a moment.
Then this morning Taylor called me out to the backyard to see something cool. That something cool had flies swarming it and a long icky tail. I’m assuming at one point it was a rat. And I am almost sure our Bradley killed it. I am so proud.
He is the king of the world, and he just earned his keep in our house. Anyway, I figure his neediness will be worth something when my kids are grown and gone and I have empty nest syndrome. Because, lucky me, choose to adopt a breed that outlives his owners.
Okay, so my sister Malia is coming this weekend so I’m taking a writing break. But, I will be back on Sunday with the details of the giveaway. Remember it’s a thank you gift for being a follower, so make sure you are. 😉
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  1. Yay for Bradley the hero! I knew he has redeeming qualities 😛

  2. I’m so glad you’re loving your pup :) That sounded a little dirty, but you know what I meant 😉

    And I wanted to tell you I’ve been reading your posts this week… they have touched me beyond belief and I wanted to thank you for sharing your stories. They made my heart ache and they reminded me of how much I miss my dad… bittersweet, as you know :)

  3. Okedoke. So listen. You need to know that I don’t watch that garbage…my wife regularly drives me out of the room with it. That being said, I am 25-74% male, and any time you want to put recap photos of spoiled plastic women on your blog…well…I will come see. I wont respect them, but I’ll look.



  4. Anything that kills a rat is ok in my book.

  5. hooray for the puppy!!!! im secretly addicted to the bachelor!!! shhh!!! dont tell!!!!

  6. cute pup! i love trash tv as well. :)

  7. Hi, Summer! Cute bloggin’ tonight!! Love the doggy, too!

  8. I’m TOTALLY addicted to the Bachelor. And the OC Housewives – I totally feel you on that one. I am totally disgusted the entire time I am watching but I just can’t help myself. I missed the episode where they made it look like Tamara cheated on her husband so I’m dying to figure out what happened!

  9. That is so sweet about your dog. :)

    Right now my reality TV is pretty much just American Idol, so I love reading about the other reality TV shows on blogs. I think it’s probably more entertaining than watching the shows themselves.

    Have fun with your sis!!!

  10. Okay you have to start watching True Beauty so we can discuss. Seriously.

  11. Aww, love your dog.

    And YES to your OC comments. It’s so ick but I can’t stop watching it. I wanna reach out and smack Tamra and Vicky in the TV face. They are MEAN.

  12. Your puppy is a rockstar! I love him! He should have his own reality show:)

    Thanks for visiting me:) I really enjoy your blog!


  13. Aww- sweet Bradley! What a good dog :) Glad you are starting to semi-like him- ha!!!

    Ok, speaking of trash reality TV- we’ve discovered the CRAZIEST show!!! Have you seen “True Beauty”??? We can only take so much of these people. Wow… pretty funny though, and at least the show is “trying” to have a “message” …. ha!

  14. I dont need to tell you I love you for your reality tastes :) The Housewives this season really annoy me as well…ugh!

  15. i love the city and i am right there with ya with jay and adam…as much as i want to like jay i think he may be trouble. hahah

  16. Hey! I’m a follower now! And so it looks like I am a follower just to get your giveaway but it really isn’t. You’re on my ‘bloglines’ account so I read you everyday but didn’t realize I hadn’t added you to my followers (which I never use). But you’re on there now! Can’t wait to see your surprise giveaway!

    Have fun with your sister this weekend!

  17. I love all of the housewives!

  18. cute doggie! And I totally watched all those shows this week and I can’t believe how mean Tamara and Vicki are…so evil..both of them! But I still watch, because I’m all about the drama..haha!