contest winner!

Okay, so here’s my scatterbrained video picking the winner. As you can see, I get easily sidetracked!
Oh, and I never finished explaining my necklace. On one side I have the kids first initial and on the back side is their birthdays. So cute. I love.
And I love all of you. Thanks again for hanging out with me…and please, please don’t leave me.
I need you. All of you.
(***Okay, Chris and Don, you didn’t leave an email address, so click on contact me, so we can work this thing out. Hurry Hurry! You don’t want to lose out. You have 72 hours from this post, otherwise a new video with a new winner Sunday at 5pm**)
© 2009 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. Ummm.

    I just fell in love with you. Freaking crack me up with your sidetrackedness…and your purse is diving…and I demand to know where you got that necklace…and I just altogether love love love your very happy self.

    Have a great date!

  2. You are freakin’ killing me! The bag is adorable…the kiddo is so cute (I wanna pinch his cheeks like those crazy weirdo aunts)! I loved the video, I laughed, more so because it was like watching a video of me (cause I wander off a lot too). Keep ’em comin’ sister, I’ll be here.

  3. Ok, Summer…
    I gotta go with MamaKat on this one…


    I think you have found your forte, sweetie…you are built for Vlogging!!

    Just when I thought it sucked waking up at 1:45am unable to sleep…there you are!! thanks!!


  4. Oh. My. Gosh. You are just to TOO cute for words! I think I’m going to have to come back and watch that later just because it made me laugh so much! You are a riot! I loved it – “Mom, what are you doing???” Love the purse. Love the necklace. You rock. LOVE your blog. I agree with Jay. We definitely need more vlogs. Hope you had a great date! :)

  5. omg too adorable! love your new bag…MJ?

  6. You’re so absolutely adorable. I don’t even care who the winner was. You’re so entertaining in your distraction. 😉